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City Sights

Piter Inn is located in the centre of Petrozavodsk, so a sightseeing trip of the city’s landmarks will be no issue.
The Onega embankment has a unique open-air museum with incredible sculptures — presents from various towns and countries — forming a spectacular lane of fascinating imagery.
This location has traditionally hosted all large-scale city events, including City Day, which is held at the end of June and includes concerts, competitions, and public activities.
In summer, the Petrozavodsk embankment offers excellent space for walks, roller skating, cycling, scootering, jogging, and street workouts.

In winter, the embankment serves as a gathering place for participants and visitors to the International Winter Festival Hyperborea. This festival, which is usually held in February, has a jam-packed schedule that includes a snowmen show, fishing competitions, concerts, fairs, and workshops. The main event of the festival is the ice and snow sculpture competition which concludes with an award ceremony and leaves fragile works of art on the Onega embankment which, if the weather permits, will delight the residents and visitors of Petrozavodsk both in the northern sunlight and the colourful illumination against the dark sky.

The city also boasts the Music Theatre of the Republic of Karelia, the National Theatre of Karelia, Creative Workshop Youth Theatre, the Puppet Theatre, the Karelian State Philharmonic, as well as museums and exhibition halls.
Permanent exhibitions at the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia include Ethnography, Archaeology, Folklore, History and Nature. The interactive platform Bear Corner is extremely popular with children.

The Museum of Fine Arts hosts a variety of exhibitions for its visitors: Icon painting in Ancient Karelia, People’s Art of Karelia, Karelian Art of the 20th Century, Russian Art from the 18th through early 20th Century, Russian Art of the 20th Century, Western European Art.


Kivach Falls are not the highest, but the most prominent waterfalls in the Republic. It is Europe’s second largest lowland waterfall. This natural site is located in the reserve of the same name and is open to the public all year. The waterfall can be accessed by a pathway. Visitors can also visit a museum in the reserve. It is not far from Petrozavodsk, only 80 km by car.

The Three Bears Zoological Complex

The shore of the picturesque lake Syamozero is home to the Three Bears Zoological Complex whose three-hectare space is inhabited by bears, elk, raccoon dogs, lynxes, and other animals. Remember to bring delicious and nutritious snacks for the animals.


Kinerma, 106 kilometres from Petrozavodsk, is a breath-taking Karelian settlement.
The authentic architecture of the village dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, including the Chapel of Our Lady of Smolensk, traditional houses and black banyas, as well as vibrant workshops and tastings of the national Karelian cuisine will not disappoint.

Sled Dog Farms

Dog sledding in the winter and dog carting in the other seasons are both wonderful active family entertainment options for all seasons. You can book a tour with any of the several sled dog farms around Petrozavodsk or visit them on your own.

Outdoor Activities

Karelia is ideal for all fans of outdoor fun throughout the year.
It is particularly appealing in the summer to visitors who wish to spend time in nature, go camping, fishing, or rafting, take an SUV excursion, or ride quad bikes on forest trails.
In winter, you can do mountain skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, try snowkiting or ice fishing.

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